Honey Gut

Honey Gut is the brainchild of Josh Sangster and Ollie LeBlanc, both experienced musicians and members of other local bands.  Based in Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada), this musical project first started taking shape in the spring of 2014.  While we came up with some good ideas for original material at that time, everything fell into place when we started recording some of those ideas.  We weren't restrained by limited instrumentation anymore...  Since we are both multi-instrumentalists, we could add more layers to our music.  The door was wide open!  Since then, we've made a considerable amount of home, live and studio recordings.  The studio recordings feature producer Jessy Forsyth and drummer Evan Ferguson.  And now, more than two years after its humble beginnings, it's time to share our project with the outside world!  It's time to give back to the medium that gave us so much!

A few words about "Project 45"

Since our recordings come from a variety of sources, it was difficult to find a common thread and release a complete album.  We also noticed that there is a natural evolution that happens as we record more material.  We both have full time jobs (Josh works as a paramedic and Ollie as a broadcast engineer) and have children...  Therefore, we don't necessarily have time to sit in a studio for a few weeks.  That's when we came up with "Project 45" (and yes, it's based on the old 45 record format!).  We can release two songs (an "A" side and a "B" side) every month without being constrained by the typical album format.  We can throw in studio version, demo versions, live songs...  Anything goes!